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  Project Overview:
Renewable Energy Demo (RED)

Applied Green is working with SAIC to provide AFSOC at Hurlburt Field a Renewable Energy Demonstration (RED) of multiple photovoltaic and wind technologies. Project RED will test and verify manufacturer claims concerning efficiency, output and reliability. By the end of this project the Air Force, Hurlburt Field and AFSOC will have a clearer path toward selecting renewable energy products that satisfy the military's goal toward reduced energy usage.

Product Selection

  • The client wanted a single manufactuer for continuity with testing.
  • The client had to have a product line with multiple photovoltaic technologies.
  • The products must be readily available with current commercial markets and UL listed.

Windspire Vertical Axis Turbine


Windspire Vertical Axis Turbine - 1.2kw

  • Testing 2 similar vertical axis turbines
  • Turbine height and rotor shaft are only differences
  • On helical piers "drilled" 10 feet into the ground
  • 8 mph cut in speed
  • Smallest grid-tie vertical on the market
  • Better for urban or volatile wind areas
  • Initial findings, power output equal

Monocrystalline PV Module


Systems A & B (Monocrystalline PV Module)

  • System A is the "control" system, 12 monocrystalline panels, Central Inverter System
  • System B is identical to "A" except with Micro-Inverter Systems
  • Either system could be utilized for large scale systems
  • Each system is 2.8kW
  • Ground mount system is easily scalable
  • Engineered to withstand 140mph +
Photovoltaic Tracking System  

System C (Tracking System)

  • Passive tracking system
  • Identical to system "A"
  • Trackers intend to optimize the panel
  • No mechanical parts to breakdown
  • Potentially provide addition 30% of nameplate
  • Larger foot print for larger systems due to shading issues

Sharp Thin Film Module  

System D (Sharp Thin Film Module)

  • Thin Films widely installed on utility scale PV systems
  • Cheaper per panel allows for more appealing large system
  • System is a 3.5kW
  • Ground mount system is easily scalable
  • Engineered to withstand 140mph +
Solyndra Thin Film Module  

System E (Solyndra Thin Film Module)

  • Most radical advancement in solar industry
  • Ballasted system to 130 mph
  • 360 degree collection
  • 5 lbs per sq ft foot print
  • Company recently received $600 million in grants from DOE
  • Shows strong potential for wide utilization



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