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A Full-Service Design-Build Firm with the Capabilities to Meet All Your Project Needs

AppliedGreen is the most experienced provider of high-performance contracting in the industry. As the industry leader, we have developed many best management practices and energy conservation measures that deliver a variety of benefits our clients. Our scientists, engineers, architects, planners, and resource efficiency experts have decades of experience in the commercial, residential, and governmental sectors.

We are a full-service, design/build company that can provide a team of multi-disciplinary professionals and deliver state-of-the-art technology to your next project. AppliedGreen is a leader in providing complete life-cycle solutions from engineering through permitting, construction, operation, and final decommissioning.

Our services include:

Site Selection

Any sustainable project starts by maximizing the unique attributes of the site. Our planners work directly with our clients to develop a master plan that incorporates low impact development standards to reduce adverse impacts to the environment. Utilizing its team of experts, AppliedGreen has the experience to overcome the most challenging site conditions and deliver a project to achieve and maximum number of U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental DesignTM (LEED) credits.

High-Performance BuildingsGreen Building

We have extensive experience in designing, commissioning, and building high-performance buildings and we offer a true one-stop-shop for our commercial, residential, and government clients. We take a holistic approach and treat a building as a completely integrated system. This method allows us to take into account the principles of building science and design climate-specific projects that use a site’s orientation to maximize natural daylighting and reduce energy consumption.

We specialize in designing projects to meet the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEEDTM). Our staff of LEED Accredited Professionals and Green Associates can work with you to meet all of your sustainability goals. We work with our clients to help design buildings that maximize efficiency and reduce maintenance and operational costs, while providing safe, sustainable buildings that can withstand extreme weather events.

Building Comfort and Energy Assessment

INSERT uses and innovative whole-system approach to help our clients improve the comfort and energy efficiency of their buildings. Our knowledgeable staff of building scientists and energy raters has a complete understanding the dynamics of air flow and moisture. Using scientific equipment, we can conduct an energy assessment that can help homeowners and building managers drastically reduce utility bills, while improving comfort and safety of the building’s occupants. Using the latest home performance technology and diagnostic tools, our certified professionals can pinpoint leaks and failures in the building envelope and make recommendations to optimize the performance of the building. After a complete evaluation of all the components of the building, our staff provides our clients with a customized list of solutions, with predicted energy and water savings, and a return of investment for each conservation measure.

As a single-source provider, AppliedGreen can handle the design, construction, management, and maintenance of your entire project. This single vendor approach saves time and money, and ensures that our clients receive the highest level of service from a staff of experienced professionals.

Resource-Efficient Construction

The construction and operation of conventional buildings have detrimental effects on people and the environment. The team of professionals at AppliedGreen can take your project from design to turnkey using a whole house approach to construction. We take the same performance-based approach that employs creative problem solving by fostering communication between all the trades involved in the project. We emphasize design charrates and project reviews at critical stages in the design and construction phases of the project.

Our project managers utilize advanced building systems to reduce operational costs and construct buildings that can withstand extreme weather events. AppliedGreen is also a proud member of the ENERGY STAR HOMES Builder Program and several other trade associations.

Life-Cycle Cost Assessments

Many organizations make critical design mistakes because they fail to make vital investments early in the design phase of a project. This lack of investment can often have serious consequences that lead to poor product selection, severe building deficiencies, and poor performance. AppliedGreen can leverage decades of experience in the building industry to help our clients make critical infrastructure investments early in the design process to achieve significant savings through value-added engineering. Through careful consideration and attention to detail, our team utilizes the latest sustainable building techniques to maximize the life cycle costs benefits to maximize the return on investment.

Energy Modeling and Analysis

INSERT has been at the forefront of energy/heat modeling. Our engineers and scientists utilize the latest energy modeling software to help design the most efficient buildings. Our design experts can provide consultation to help guide your project to meet the most stringent green building standards. Our architects work closely with our scientists to apply the physics of light, heat, air, and moisture to design healthy and efficient spaces and reduce mechanical equipment and artificial lighting. By utilizing these tools, we can deliver state-of-the-art facilities that help our clients realize reduced operating expenses and increased occupancy comfort.

Using 3D parametric daylight and energy modeling software, our designers are able to understand a building’s performance and make detailed fenestration decisions (overhangs, shading devices) relative to the amount of light provided to interior spaces. These decisions help increase the availability of daylight and guide the design team with other fenestration options that will not adversely affect the heat gain in the space.

Air-Sealing and Insulation

Infiltration and exfiltration of air in buildings have serious consequences. When infiltrating air is untreated, it can entrain pollutants, allergens, and bacteria into buildings unless the issue is adequately addressed by trained building scientists. Other serious consequence of infiltration and exfiltration through the building envelope is the condensation of moisture from the exfiltrating air (northern climates) and from infiltrating hot humid air (southern climates). This causes mold growth, decay, and corrosion that cause health problems and premature building deterioration. Our Weatherization Team can identify and seal all cracks, crevices and holes in the interior and exterior of the building using environmental-friendly products.

Many building are poorly insulated or missing insulation entirely. AppliedGreen adds high quality, dense-packed, environmentally-friendly insulation in walls and attic space to ensure the building has a strong thermal envelope. A well-sealed building performs better and helps reduce operating costs through reduced utility bills. Through our careful analysis, AppliedGreen is able to provide the right insulation and the appropriate application.

High-Performance Windows and Doors

Windows typically comprise 10 to 25 percent of the exterior wall area of new homes and up to 30 percent for commercial buildings. According to performance studies by the US Environmental Protection Agency, windows in heating-dominated climates account for up to 25 percent of a typical house’s heating load and that in cooling-dominated climates, windows account for up to 50 percent of the cooling load. Windows can significantly improve the thermal performance of building by minimizing heat loss in heating-dominated climates and by minimizing solar heat gain in cooling-dominated climates.
The professionals at AppliedGreen understand that an effective building envelope is a key element for an energy-efficient facility. We can help provide expert consultation to select high-performance windows that can improve the effectiveness of the building envelope and improve the comfort of the building occupants.

Heating/Cooling /Ventilation Equipment Service and Replacement

Oversized mechanical equipment increases initial construction costs, wastes energy, and increases costs for the building owner. AppliedGreen AppliedGreen AppliedGreen AppliedGreen AppliedGreen AppliedGreen Using measured equipment-load data to avoid oversizing and minimize simultaneous heating and cooling, reducing initial and life-cycle costs uses measured equipment-load data to avoid oversizing and minimize simultaneous heating and cooling of your building. A properly-sized mechanical system can help to reduce initial life-cycle costs by shortening the payback period of your equipment. Our clients have realized significant savings through cost avoidance and have applied these savings to invest in more efficient equipment.

Our Mechanical Engineers understand the mandatory and prescriptive provisions of American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) standards, as well as State and Local building codes. Whether it’s new construction or a retrofit project, our Indoor Air Quality specialists can help offer cost-effective strategies to meet your needs. Our certified Energy Auditors can also provide maintenance services to ensure that your system is working as efficiently as possible to extend the life of the equipment.

For projects seeking certification under the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEEDTM), our LEED Accredited Professionals can work with you to select efficient mechanical equipment designed to lower the costs associated with the operation and maintenance of the equipment. Our staff of LEED APs understands lifecycle cost analysis and can help maximize credits under the LEED rating systems. Our staff can also assist with commissioning requirements and verify the installation and performance of the systems to maximize efficiency.

Indoor Air Quality

A tight building envelope can help reduce outdoor air pollutants from entering the building, but many of the materials that we bring into a building can significantly deteriorate indoor air quality. We spend 90% of our time indoors so maintaining adequate indoor air quality is vital to our health. Building materials, paints, solvents, and furniture can off-gas Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and other pollutants and then carry these pollutants into the building through basements, wall cavities, and attics. Many of these pollutants trigger asthma and allergy symptoms that affect the health of the occupants. Our staff of certified Energy Auditors can identify the sources of pollutants through comprehensive analyses and properly manage the ventilation in the indoor space to remove these pollutants and maintain indoor air quality (IAQ). AppliedGreen delivers a variety of ventilation and other IAQ solutions tailored to meet the needs of your building’s occupants and protect human health.

The experts at AppliedGreen use an array of scientific equipment to help you achieve maximum comfort and efficiency from your building. Our staff uses the latest building science to performance enhancements that optimize a building’s performance by using natural ventilation, while removing harmful air pollutants from the interior space.

For projects seeking certification under the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEEDTM), our LEED Accredited Professionals can work with you to select materials with low- or no-VOCs and help maximize credits under the LEED rating systems.

Upgrading Lighting and Appliances

There are several strategies available to reduce the need for artificial lighting during working hours. If factored in at the design stage it is possible to include significant natural light into a building through windows and day lighting systems. These simple, cost-effective considerations will not only reduce the energy requirements of the building, but also provide for better indoor environment to the occupants. Our design team can offer a wide variety of lighting options that can reduce the energy demand and maintenance costs, while providing significant advantages over incandescent lighting. Our design consultants and electrical engineers possess a strong working knowledge of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) lighting standards. This helps us make lighting recommendations for practical products and off-the-shelf technologies to achieve a 30 percent energy savings compared to buildings that meet the minimum requirements.

AppliedGreen will only specify the properly-sized appliances that have achieved the Energy Star label. This commitment to energy efficiency allows us to consistently delver highly energy efficient buildings, one project after another.

On-Site Renewable Energy
Increasing the energy efficiency of building is a smartest way to prepare for on-site renewable energy. To maximize economic and environmental benefits, generating energy onsite should only be considered once a building has implemented all available energy-saving measures. We have helped many clients become self-sufficient in meeting some or all of their energy requirements.

Our building scientists and engineers work with our clients to reduce the energy load before making any recommendations for on-site renewable energy technologies. We offer a full suite of renewable energy services to put a building on the path to zero energy. If your organization is interested in offsetting its power consumption, AppliedGreen is well-versed in Renewable Energy Credits and Power Purchase Agreements. We are ready to assist our clients in meeting their energy reduction goals.


AppliedGreen has a strong understanding of federal, state, and local tax credits and rebates that are currently available to help offset in initial capital investment of on-site renewable technologies. We work closely with our vendors to offer many popular leasing or power purchase agreements to allow our clients implement the latest technologies, without the large, upfront investment. The tax professionals will work with our clients to explore existing tax credits and deductions and maximize available incentives to help offset the cost of the project. Working with our partners, AppliedGreen can offer financial assistance for clients that may be interested in owning on-site renewable energy sources.

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